Services of Natural Therapeutics, Greeley Massage

Our services include massage therapy, laser therapy, and postural assessments. We specialize in deep tissue massage, which is also called neuromuscular, trigger point or myo therapy. Exact terms for this modality have yet to be established. We also do relaxing Swedish massage, lymph drainage, and cranio-sacral therapy.

We specialize in massage therapy for acute and chronic pain and health maintenance. Be it a headache, back pain, pain from an injury or accident, carpal tunnel syndrome or a myriad of other ailments, massage therapy will help reduce and in many cases alleviate the complaint. Many doctors and chiropractors have referred their patients to us.

Visceral massage is a technique whereby we work on the viscera such as the colon, bladder, stomach, etc. This highly effective form of treatment has helped many with loss of urinary control, constipation, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, etc.

It is a good reminder that the outer body, the way it feels, looks, and acts reflects what goes on on the inside. Healing is a combination of dealing with the body, mind and spirit.

Over 50% of pain is self induced. We will help you find some of these causes and point them out to you thus empowering you to alleviate some bad habits and patterns. Settling for less and less mobility as we get older, getting used to more and more pain because nobody has been able to find the cause are not necessarily the final thing to do. Let us show you what YOU can do about it.

It is our goal to get you to a state of high level wellness. Being just OK or "getting by" are not enough. If you can meet us halfway and do your part to stay healthy, as a team we can make a huge difference in your wellness.