Benefits of Massage, Natural Therapeutics, Greeley Massage

Massage therapy has many health and wellness benefits. If done on a regular basis, it will bring heightened state of health and body awareness. Coming home to ourselves, as it often has been described, massage helps us calm the mind and let go of overall body tension. It brings us back to who we really are and helps us shed the stresses of our busy lifestyles.

If you are getting a massage when pain is nagging or worse, debilitating, often several treatments will make the pain vanish. This depends on the severity and the length you have had the condition and the contributing circumstances. The rule of thumb is to treat a new pain or injury within the first three weeks for best and quickest results.

Supple muscles will outlast tight ones, perform much better, and be stronger than muscles tied up in the proverbial knots. Not only will the muscles work better but the joints the muscles tie into will stay healthier as well. In fact, one of those muscles, the ilio-psoas may well be responsible for rupturing discs in the low back, when too tight. Have you had your ilio-psoas worked lately?