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Natural Therapeutics is the longest established clinic with the most experienced therapists in Greeley and the Weld County area of Colorado. Founded in 1978, we have built a solid reputation in Northern Colorado. For high quality massage therapy Natural Therapeutics is YOUR choice.

In the latest study published by the American Massage Therapy Association women use massage more often than men. Men's usage, however, has increased. 43% of women have had a massage in the last five years compared to 25% of men. Our clientele range in age from 5 years to 90 years old.


Staff of Natural Therapeutics, Greeley Massag

Ulli is the founder of Natural Therapeutics and has been doing massage therapy since 1979. Her dream is to help her clients achieve a high level of wellness of body mind and spirit. She believes that just being OK is a far cry from being fully alive and feeling good.

Ulli holds a teaching degree from the Lehrerbildungsanstalt in Klagenfurt, Austria, her native land. She received her massage therapy degree from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and holds a Masters degree in Earth Sciences with emphasis on Earth materials in medicine from the University of Northern Colorado.

Her passions in life are health, volcanoes, rocks, photography, hiking, and nature.